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The sublimation process allows Blue Line Custom Creations to offer a full-color printing process at an affordable price for our customers. 

The process of sublimation uses CMYK printing, giving Blue Line Custom Creations the ability to reproduce high-quality graphics and images. Blue Line Custom Creations is able to offer thousands of blank sublimation items to our customers such as drinkware, apparel, photo-receptive, and exterior sign panels, mousepads, apparel items, phone cases, houswares and a whole lot more! 

The process of sublimation fuses the printed graphic to the blank item, making the finished transfer very durable and fpr apparel items, makes them able to withstand hundreds (in some cases thousands) of washes without fading.


Sublimation involves a substance that changes from a solid to a gas without ever becoming a liquid. In the personalization industry, it is the process where images are printed directly onto specialty coated paper, then transferred to a specially coated surface or substrate. Unlike normal inks, sublimation inks are converted directly from a solid to gas under high heat and pressure, causing them to bond with the fibers of the synthetic materials, such as polyester. The molecules of ink revert to a solid state upon cooling, permanently coloring the surface of polyester.


  • Print Runs – Sublimation is cost-effective for small runs but handles larger runs just as well.
  • Details – The level of detail is very intricate. Sublimation is great for photographic quality items.
  • Colors – Able to print any number of colors.
  • Longevity – Penetrates deep into the fibers or coating of the substrate which makes this process very fade-resistant. Items wont crack or wear after several uses. 



  • Limited Substrates- Sublimation can mainly only be done on polyester fabrics. They need to be 100% polyester for the best outcome, but some polyester blends may work well enough if the polyester content is the main component of the blend. If you want to print on items that are not fabric based, they must be poly-coated for the process to be most efficient.
  • Colors of Substrates- Sublimation will only work on white or light colored substrates. Will not work on dark or black colored substrates as there is no white ink in sublimation.
  • No White Ink-  There is no white sublimation ink so any white colored parts of a design, logo or image that you sublimate will not print. This means that those white areas in your image will actually be the color of the substrate your printing on that shows through. For example, if you are sublimating on a light gray t-shirt, any white parts of your logo will actually be light gray when sublimated (the light gray of the shirt will take the place of the white color in your design).
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