Q) When I order one of your products, is the engraving included in the price or is it an extra charge?

A) The price on most all of our products includes engraving. If for some reason a price does not include engraving, the listing will specifically state that there is an extra charge for engraving. 

Q) How may letters or words can I have in my engraving?

A) We do not limit the number of words or letters that you can have in your engraving. We will engrave whatever you want on your product AS LONG AS we can get it to fit on the product. Some items might have an additional cost if you request engraving on a 2nd side of an item for example. If this is the case, the charges will be listed on the product page. 

Q) I see that a proof is created on most items before the product is made. If there is something I dont like on the proof, how many changes can I make?

A) We will create a proof before we make most items and we will email it to you to get your approval. We will make as many changes as necessary until it is just the way you want it. 

Q) If I need to send a picture / logo / image to you to use on my product, can I send you a picture from the web or from a cell phone?

A) Pictures that are used to make your product need to be a high quality image in order for the product to be made properly. If we use a low quality image to make the product, then you will have a low quality finished product. Images from the web are low quality images and will not work properly. We require images that are 200 DPI at the size needed for your product. If you are making a clipboard for example, then the image needed would need to be approx 9" x 12" in size and would need to be 200 DPI at that size. If you are unable to provide a high quality image to make your product with, then we will not be responsible for the final quality of your product. If you have any questions about this, please contact us. 

Q) I would like to order an item and use my favorite sports team logo / Disney character / college logo or other company logo- Can you do this for me?

A) NO! We are not able to make any products using any copyright / trademark protected logo, image or design. We may only make products using the image, logo or design that you own and / or have permission from the owner to use. If we have any doubt about a logo, image or design that you ask us to use, we may (at our discretion) ask you to sign a release of liability form that indicates you have legal permission to use the design and are able to relay that permission to Blue Line Custom Creations in order for us to make the product. The form will indicate that you bear all legal responsibility for any and all violations of trademarks or copyrights.  

Q) How do I get a photo to you that I want to use on my product?

A) Please email your photo(s) to: [email protected]. In the email, please indicate the order number that you are sending the photo(s) for.