Embroidery Information & FAQ

Embroidery is the process of decorating apparel, fabric, or other materials with needle and thread. It can be done by hand but most of the time, an embroidery machine is used. Here at Blue Line Custom Creations, we use a commercial embroidery machine that is designed for our specific product line.

The embroidery process starts with the logo or design that is then converted into a specific format that the embroidery machine can read, by a process called digitizing. Often times, the digitizing process can be one of the most time consuming parts of the whole job. Once the logo or design is digitized, it is then transferred to the embroidery machine. The products are then set up on the embroidery machine and the proper thread colors are programmed into the machine for that specific logo or design. The embroidery machine then sews the logo or design onto the product.

Embroidery is a great apparel decoration process that can be used on hats, polo shirts, uniforms, aprons, karate uniforms, jackets, tote bags and a whole lot more! Embroidery adds a very professional look to the item that it is added to. 

Embroidery is a great decoration process when you have a fairly small logo or design to add to a product. The reason for this is that it isn't cost effective to do a large design that would cover a big area for example. Embroidery is usually priced by what is called "stitch count" or the number of stitches that it takes to create your logo or design. The higher the number of stitches needed to create the design, the more expensive it will be to embroider that specific logo or design onto a product. Obviously the larger the design needs to be, the more stitches it will take to create that larger logo or design. But, despite the size issue, there are many benefits to this high quality production method.

The large selection of available logo-ready apparel makes it easy to find exactly what you need for your promotions or events. We use a selection of vendors that supply us with the highest quality products available. Below are just some of brands of apparel and accessories that we use, but please contact us if you do not see the brand you need.

Q: What type of apparel can you embroider on?

We can embroider on all kinds of merchandise such as hats, jackets, tshirts, polos, aprons, karate uniforms and belts, tote bags, towels and more. You can browse through our online merchandise, or you can provide your own. However, if you supply your own merchandise for embroidery, you must agree to our disclaimer:

Disclaimer: Blue Line Custom Creations uses top quality garments and other apparel and accessories. The high quality items we use are proven to embroider without problems. If you request that we use your items for embroidery,  the following will apply: We take every effort to ensure that the results meet your satisfaction, but we will NOT be responsible for replacing any items provided by you should they get damaged during the embroidery process or due to human error. We are not able to guarantee embroidery quality on customer furnished products unless we are able to embroider a sample first. The Customer will be responsible for ensuring their own products are free from any defects and flaws prior to delivery to Blue Line Custom Creations. You agree to allow for a 3% spoilage factor. This means that we will not be responsible for damages or reimbursement for 3% of the total number of pieces in  your order, if they are damaged during the embroidery process. 


Q: What do I need to provide to get a quote for embroidery?

Before we can give you a quote or even tell you if embroidery is possible, we need to have the artwork (logo or design) and know what type of product it will go on. We also need an approximate size of the logo. As far as embroidery size, we are limited by the embroidery hoop size but knowing an approximate size can help us give you the best advice.

Q: What kind of artwork do you need for embroidery?

The artwork can be in any form for embroidery (except hand-drawn) as long as the details are well defined. If you are just looking to have lettering done, we don’t generally need artwork unless the font is critical.

Q: Are there standard sizes for embroidery?

Yes there are some standard sizes for embroidery. For example, sleeve or left or right chest logos are rarely larger than 4″ wide or high. On average, they are usually around 2.5″ to 3″ wide. Some logos (without fine details or small lettering) can be around 1″ - 1.5″ high or wide.

Back and center chest logos are typically 8″ - 10″ wide.

Finished cap front and side logos can be no larger than 2.25″ high.

Q: How can I give you a specific color for my artwork?

The industry standard is to use Pantone (PMS) colors. We would need the three digit PMS color code as thread companies have direct conversions for them.

Q: What is an embroidery setup?

The embroidery setup includes the conversion of an artwork file to an embroidery machine file format at the size requested. Embroidery files may be resized up to 10% without additional charges. Further size changes may require additional charges.

Q: I already have the embroidery file from a job done previously. Can you use that file so I dont have to pay a setup fee?

Yes we can but we run them as they are provided to us without any editing or modifications. If you want an initial sewout so we can be sure the file works properly and the final result will live up to your expectations, there will be a $5.00 charge. If we have to make small edits, there is a $20.00 charge. Significant changes will need to be evaluated for charges.

Q: What is the minimum quantity for an embroidery order?

We do not have a "minimum" order requirement but realize that the larger quantity that you order, the lower the pricing will be.

Q: Can I get the side of a hat or visor embroidered?

Yes, but keep in mind that some side logo placement may require us to embroider through the sweatband.


Artwork / Design Setup                                   $60.00 per hr.  (billed in 15 min. increments)

Digitizing                                                         $30 per design

Minimum Order Charge                                  $25.00 **

Customer DST File Edits                                $20.00

Personalization- Names                                 $3.50   (left / right chest logo up to 4” width)

Each Additional Line of Text                           $1.50   (left / right chest logo up to 4” width)

Metallic Thread                                               Add $0.25 each piece

Thread Color Changes                                   $4.00 per change (first 5 changes incl)

Sewouts Using Customer DST File                $5.00

(sewouts are test pieces with the design sewn onto a scrap piece of material)

** Your order must reach the $25 minimum order fee before tax or shipping is added to your total.

 We are not responsible for sewing results from the use of customer DST files and/or customer supplied clothing or other items to be embroidered. 


Drop Shipping                                     $3.50 per location                       

Unpack / Pack Poly Bagged Items     $0.30 per piece

Tag Removal                                       $0.30 per piece


  • Any job or merchandise left over 90 days will be discarded.
  • We strive to ship your order within 10 business days of payment. Some exceptions  apply.
  • Adding personalization may take up to an additional 7 business days for production.
  • Pantone matching is not exact- within 90% of color is acceptable.
  • No guarantee on exact match of previous orders.
  • Shipping Insurance requests must be made on purchase order, with the value to insure.
  • All quotes must be by email, fax or in writing.
  • Although our spoilage is insignificant, we do allow for 2% damage or one piece, whichever is greater. If you would like damaged item(s) returned, you must request them. If an item is damaged that we provide, we will replace it. If it is a customer supplied item, then any damaged items above the 2% will be reimbursed. 
  • There is no cancellation, no exchange and no refund after the production has started.
  • Embroidered goods shall not be returned unless proven to be our mistake.



Next Day- 75% of total / 2 Days- 60% of total / 3 Days- 50% of total / 4 Days- 40% of total

Please contact us to verify that we are able to RUSH your order. Some exceptions may apply.

 Below is the pricing chart for the EMBROIDERED LOGO OR DESIGN ONLY. These prices do NOT include the cost of the garment(s).












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125,001 & UP